Yacht Island Design

Yacht Island Design creates large scale designs of floating homes. The design studio is based in Nottingham, UK.


Steeltec37 was founded by the Brandenburg family in Germany. The company specializes in innovative modular steel buildings on land and water.

Modern Marine Homes

Modern Marine Homes was established in 2002 to create modern villas on water. Since 2003 a Näckros Villa has been situated at Varvsholmen in Kalmar, Sweden and has undergone a long series of tests to evaluate materials, technical solutions and functionality.

Marina Housing

Marina Housing specializes in thedevelopment and sales of floating homes, hotels and restaurants. The finnish company has built projects in Europe ad Dubai.

International Marine Floatation Systems

Dan Wittenberg founded IMFS in the 1980's. IMFS pioneered the use of structural concrete platforms for floating building bases and marina docks. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Floating Homes

Floating Homes GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany, and offers modern recreational boathouses. The company offers three models and the designs use energy conservation system and environmentally friendly materials.