Vintage Brick

Vintage Brick offers high quality bricks The product brick line is divided into three categories; Historic Ontario Size Clay Brick, Contemporary Series and Glazed Clay Brick.


Permacon was founded in Québec in 1952 as Bloc Vibré inc. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec, and is now part of group with over 170 plants across North America.


Jazbrick is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bricks and stone products based in Toronto, Ontario. The company is a distributor and manufacturer of residential and commercial masonry products.


Hanson Brick is North America's largest brick manufacturer with a total capacity of more than 1.7 billion bricks. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gavin Historical Bricks

Gavi ships antique brick pavers, reclaimed brick and cobblestones nationwide. The company supplies unique historic brick for new construction and renovation projects.


Endicott manufactures a large range of quality Face Brick, Thin Brick, Pavers, Special Shapes, Pool Coping, Tile, Murals and Fireplace Facades. The one hundred year old company supplied their products throughout US and Canada.

Calstar Products

CalStar Products develops and manufactures sustainable and green building products. The company uses innovative technology to make architectural facing bricks and durable pavers with post-industrial recycled material.

Brampton Brick

Brampton Brick is one of North America's largest brick manufacturer. The company offers cay brick and stone products.


Belden was founded in Canton, Ohio in 1885. The Belden Brick Company is the sixth largest manufacturer. Belden Brick is the largest family owned and managed brick company in the United States.