Cabinetry and Millwork


Zepsa is a US family owned and operated company. The company manufactures custom wood stairs for high end residential projects.

Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild

Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild is a premier provider of fine interior woodwork and finishes. The company is based in Florida and Connecticut, USA.


Smallbone continues the tradition of handmade furniture. The UK bespoke kitchens are available worldwide.

Oscar Ono

The Paris based millwork conapny was established in 2002. The company is world renowned for custon interior wood work.


David Linley Furniture Ltd. makes bespoke furniture and interior design products. The product line is known for the neoclassical appearance and use of inlaid woods. David Linley has written numerous books and took up the post of chairman of Christie's UK in 2006.

Clive Christian

Clive Christian Furniture and Interiors are exclusively available through company owned showrooms in London and New York, and through a worldwide network of independent dealerships. The London based company offers very high cabinetry and kitchen design and manufacturing services.

Brent Hull

Hull Historical is renowned for their classical architectural designs and millwork. The company was established in 1993 and is acknowledged as an authority on restoration and preservation of residential and commercial spaces, and historic buildings.