Green River Stone

Green River Stone offers fossil stone for home design and museum quality artwork. All fossil fish are collected and prepared in adherence to strict guidelines.


Thinkglass create glass projects like glass kitchen counters, glass vanity, glass stair treads, glass raised bar, glass tables, and glass tiles. The company is a leader in innovative glass applications.

Stainless Living

Stainless Living has over 65 years, spanning three generations, of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality metal for architectural and industrial applications. Products are available at dealers throughout USA.


Pyrolave extracts from the Nugere crater at the heart of Auvergne's volcanoes. The Volvic lava is extremely resistant. They are cut into slabs, processed and glazed.

Ice Stone

IceStone manufactures sustainable recycled glass and concrete countertops, vanities and desktops. IceStone is the recipient of numerous awards.

Greensville Soapstone

Greensville Soapstone supplies soapstone countertops, sinks and tiles The company and showroom is located in Burlington, Ontario.

Glass Recycled

Glass Recycled offers recycled glass kitchen countertops, flooring, and landscaping ground cover.

Gemstone Studio

Gemstone Studio is a manufacturer and supplier of semiprecious gemstone tiles, slabs, vanity counters, countertops and kitchen countertops. The India based company offers over 25 solid semi-precious gemstones.


DuPont manufacturers Corian and Zodiaq quartz solid surfaces. The materials are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers.

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