Flooring Specialty


Teragren is a global leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly bamboo flooring, countertops, panels and veneer made with Optimum 5.5Moso bamboo. The US based company was founded in 1994.

The Tatami Factory

The Tatami Factory has been a manufacturer of high quality tatami mats since 1934. All of the products are handcrafted by master craftsmen.


Plyboo offers quality bamboo flooring, plywood, veneers, decking, and lumber. The San Francisco based company introduced Bamboo plywood to the USA in 1996.


MOSO offers products made of bamboo: bamboo floors, bamboo on a roll, bamboo panels and bamboo veneer. The company specialises in the development of innovative product made of bamboo.


Johnsonite is a major supplier of resilient flooring. The company is part of the Tarkett Group.

Godiva’s Stone

Godiva’s Stone is a specialty company offering high end marble flooring. The tiles combine marble and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of world class resilient flooring.

Eco Timber

Eco Timber distributes wood products made from woods from certified well-managed forests, reclaimed sources and wood alternatives like bamboo. The company is devoted to forest protection and healthy homes.

Bamboo Hardwoods

Bamboo Hardwoods offers high quality bamboo flooring and panels. The company sources its product from Zhejiang Province in central China.