Glass Walls


Vitrocsa of Switzerland offers windows with the world's slimmest sight lines. The Proven and tested window system ha sbeen in use since 1993, with over 25,000 Vitrocsa units and over 1 million sq.ft. of glazing installed in over 20 countries - without a single failure.


Sunflex has for more than 25 years manufactured folding sliding systems, slide & turn systems and horizontal sliding wall systems . The company is based in Naples, Florida.

Nana Wall

NanaWall Systems is a 25 year-old privately owned manufacturing company that provides operable glass wall systems for large architectural openings. The company is base in California and supplies glass wall systems for business and home.


Monarch manufactures large scale sliding and folding glass walls. The company is based in Barrie, Canada.

Intelligent Glass

Intelligent Glass manufacturers smart glass, smart film, mirror glass for Business and Home. The company offers switchable smart glass that is manufactured by coating down the (PDLC) switchable layer on to one of the glass surfaces.