Kitchen Traditional

Underwood Furniture

Underwood offers luxury English furniture making and cabinetry. The UK company build sophisticated freestanding and fitted commissions to order.


Smallbone continues the tradition of handmade furniture. The UK bespoke kitchens are available worldwide.

Paris Kitchens

Paris Kitchens evolved from being a leading manufacturer of iceboxes in 1902 to a current-day leader in kitchen manufacturing and innovation. The company offers a wide range of kitchen design styles.


Neff offers contemporary and traditional kitchens. The Canadian based company has showrooms around the world.

Downsview Kitchens

Downsview Kitchens been producing the finest kitchen furnishings since 1967. The company has an international network of professional dealers, designers and representatives.

Clive Christian

Clive Christian Furniture and Interiors are exclusively available through company owned showrooms in London and New York, and through a worldwide network of independent dealerships. The London based company offers very high end cabinetry and kitchen design and manufacturing services.