Panels Interior

X Stone

X STONE Surfaces offers a wide selection and variety of stone surfacing materials including sandstone, imitation slate, concrete, rust and travertine. The company can also create custom colors and textures.


Vitrealspecchi was founded in 1939 by a family of industrial glass processors. Today the company is world leader in the manufacturer of decorative glass panels.


Teragren is a global leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly bamboo flooring, countertops, panels & veneer made with Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo. The company offers bamboo veneers and panels.


3form is s leading manufacturer of award-winning and sustainable building materials. The company offers interlayers for glass and resin panels.

Surface Innovation

Surface Innovation develops innovative veneer solutions. GraniteFlex is the world’s thinnest and most flexible, 100% natural granite veneer.


Smith & Fong was founded in 1989 on the premise that bamboo offered unique opportunities. Since 1997 Plyboo has developing new sizes and applications for the bamboo flooring and plywood lines.

Nya Nordiska

Nya Walls panels are primarily made of concrete, wood, gypsum. The manufacture of Nya Walls made in Germany.


ModularArts supplies innovative products that work in multiples. Panels are manufactured from durable, fire-safe rock.


Lumicor has been a pioneer and leader in creating new and innovative architectural resin products for over ten years. Custom and digital panels are available.

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