Plaster and Stucco

Vella Venetian Plaster System

Vella Venetian Plaster System offers a premium plaster system. The company is based in California and their products are available throughout the USA.

Timothy Richards

Timothy Richards architectural models and bookends are renowned for their beauty and precision. The company creates museum quality models.

The Scagliola Company

Scagliola Company manufactures, installs and restores artefacts in the UK, Europe and worldwide.The company specializes in the use of scagliola, a highly polished cladding-like finish which both the ancient Greeks and Romans employed.

Stucco Italiano

The company is a supplier lime-based plaster floor applications in keeping with the Venetian tradition. High quality stuccos and materials are distributed worldwide.

Solomon & Wu

Solomon & Wu came together with the vision of bringing the best elements of contemporary design to a tradition of mouldings. By taking the traditional formats of mouldings and applying contemporary design Solomon & Wu creates entirely new products.

Satori Walls

Satori is a Japanese traditional plaster and is a natural earth sand based product . The wall finish is available for residential and commercial applications.

J. P. Weaver

JP Weaver Company has been a leader in Architectural Moldings since 1914. The company is an international source for plaster, cornice, crown, ornamental and decorative ornamentation.


Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation designs, produces and installs commercial and residential plaster architectural ornamentation. The present Felber studio is the great-grandchild of a turn-of-the-century company, The Voigt Company, which closed its doors in 1939.

Conrad Schmitt Studios

Decorative painting and plaster ornamentation work hand-in-hand to achieve environments of great beauty. Ornamental plaster conservation, restoration and replication are frequently provided by CSS in conjunction with decorative restoration whentrained in the centuries-old traditions of stained glass, decorative painting, sculpture, and mosaic. Teams of decorative artists

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