Wood Flooring


Teragren is a global leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly bamboo flooring, countertops, panels & veneer made with Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo. The company offers bamboo veneers and panels.

Solid Wood Product

Solid Wood Products, located in the south west coast of British Columbia, has 20 years of history working with reclaimed timber. The timber harvested is the highly valued Vancouver Island Old Growth Douglas Fir.

Parchettificio Toscano

Parchettificio is the manufacturer of the prestigious Pontevecchio wood flooring line. Founded in the 1950’s, the company has become a leader in the Tuscan wood flooring industry.

Northern Wide Plank

Northern Wide Plank offers solid or engineered wood flooring. The company, based in Schomberg, Ontario, specializes in wide wood plank flooring.

Marbelous Wood

Marbelous Wood product is hand made by the Danish based firm. The flooring created is a unique work of art.

I Vassaletti

The Tuscany based company has three generations experience in wood flooring. The original product line was Tuscan wine barrels. A team of craftsmen and designers create custom floor and wood paneling.

Gusco Flooring

Gusco Flooring specialises in wood marquetry and wide wood plank flooring. The company is based in Concord, Canada.


Gazzotti was founded in 1910 in Bologna, Italy. The company has supplied flooring to the Italian royal family and Prada stores. Recently an eco friendly product line has ben introduced. Idee 17 is the Canadian representative.

Ebony and Company

Ebony and Co supplies finest handcrafted wood flooring. Individual trees from North East America are picked to create 'circle of service'. Only mature trees at the end of their growth cycle are harvested.

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